Jennifer HYMER [USA, GER]

(Hamburg) received her degrees at UC Berkeley and at Mills College before pursuing additional studies in Germany.

Winner of the Eisner Prize (Berkeley), she presently lives in Hamburg, Germany where she specializes in 20th/21st Century piano and keyboard music, particularly interested in a concept of "Piano Plus" in which the role of the pianist and piano is expanded into other dimensions through uses of electronics, tape, preparations, video, theatrical aspects and extended techniques.

Jennifer HYMER has received new solo and ensemble pieces by composers such as Maria de ALVEAR, Chris BROWN, Alvin CURRAN, Dror FEILER, Dorothée HAHNE, Georg HAJDU, Hanna KULENTY, Annea LOCKWOOD, Silvia MATHEUS, Roberto MORALES and Manfred STAHNKE. Additional repertoire consists of pieces by composers such as Larry AUSTIN, Vinko GLOBOKAR, Jonathan HARVEY, Olga NEUWIRTH, Luigi NONO, Dieter SCHNEBEL, and Lois VIERK.

In 1996 together with Georg HAJDU, she founded the Germany-based Ensemble WireWorks, an ensemble for interactive computer music with acoustic instruments and voices which has received critical acclaim. WireWorks has performed at numerous festivals in Germany as well as in Lisbon, Budapest and South America.

Her piano and multi-media project "Handscapes" was realized in December 2002.
Jennifer HYMER

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