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December 4, 2008. (Thursday) 8PM ___Trafó Theater Hall
ticket price : 1200,- Ft / students ticket: 700,- Ft

Karlheinz STOCKHAUSEN: Mantra

Karlheinz STOCKHAUSEN: Mantra [Bernhard FOGARASCHER]
Jennifer HYMER – piano, percussions
Bernhard FOGRASCHER – piano, percussions
Georg HAJDU – live electronics
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December 5, 2008. (Friday) 8PM ___Trafó Theater Hall
ticket price (for two concerts): 1500,- Ft / students ticket: 1000,- Ft

David MOSS: "Music By, For and Against John Cage"

David MOSS
David MOSS [USA, GER] - voice, live electronics, percussions
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December 5, 2008. (Friday) 9.30PM ___Trafó Theater Hall
ticket price (for two concerts): 1500,- Ft / students ticket: 1000,- Ft

European Bridges Ensemble [EU]

European Bridges Ensemble
John CAGE [USA]: Radio Music
Ádám SISKA [H]: 185
Johannes KRETZ [A] - Andrea SZIGETVÁRI [H]: Baschet Bicinium
Sascha LEMKE [GER]: Netze spinnen # Spinnennetze
  The European Bridges Ensemble was established for Internet and network performance.

Its current members are Kai NIGGEMANN (Münster, GER), Ádám SISKA (Budapest, H), Johannes KRETZ (Vienna, A), Andrea SZIGETVÁRI (Budapest, H), Ivana OGNJANOVIĆ (Belgrade, SRB), Georg HAJDU (Hamburg, GER), and Stewart COLLINSON (Lincoln, UK), performing with Georg HAJDU’s interactive network performance environment

Using the term bridges as a metaphor, our initiative makes an attempt to bridge cultures, regions, locations and individuals, each with their particular history. Particularly Europe with its historical and ethnic diversity has repeatedly gone through massive changes separating and reuniting people often living in close vicinity.

December 6, 2008. (Saturday) 8.00PM ___Trafó Theater Hall
ticket price (for two concerts): 1500,- Ft / students ticket: 1000,- Ft

Salt Itinerary

multimedia opera / electroacoustic theatre

Salt Itinerary
  The multimedia opera Salt Itinerary is the end result of a creative project on writing: on musical writing, poetic writing, the gestural writing of the musician/actor and of his own image, in which the voice is the extension of the body and of the thought of the poet. Here, then, is the symbiosis between the essence of the word and the evolution of the Being, presented in the form of a new dramaturgy called Electroacoustic Opera.

MISO ENSEMBLE is essentially, a duo of flute and percussion with electronic in real time. In 1985, MISO ENSEMBLE was founded by the percussionist and composer Miguel Azguime and by the flute player and composer Paula Azguime.
Distinguished for their program’s originality and the diversity of their musical work, the latter reflects an approach that relies on the multifaceted capabilities of its members (composers, instrumentalists and improvisers), this duo has built for itself a unique path.

December 6, 2008. (Saturday) 9.30PM ___Trafó Theater Hall
ticket price (for two concerts): 1500,- Ft / students ticket: 1000,- Ft


interactive music for dancers

Andrea LADÁNYI – dance, dance-music
Zsolt BÁNKI – dance, dance-music
Andrea SZIGETVÁRI – live electronics

  The piece Tornaculum represents imaginary revolving doors with the help of electronic music loops in a form of periodicly repeating rhythmical formulas. The dancers’ movements follow the rhythm and character inside of the loop. The dancers can also start and stop loops and control their parameters by color tracking software.

December 7, 2008. (Sunday) 6PM ___Trafó Theater Hall
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Closing Concert of the Workshops

  performed by the participants of the workshops workshop [venue: Trafó Studio]
Sonification workshop
Provokalia Choirs workshop
Shaping your Solo workshop