Ádám SISKA [H]: 185

My original intention was to create a piece where different noises (and not so noisy sounds) would provide the raw material for the composition. The first step was to define "noise" and identify the various types building up a repertoire for composing the piece. However, this method soon proved unproductive.

All real systems have inherent noise. Even apparently perfect straight lines drawn with a ruler look jagged when magnified; the loudspeakers fizzle and hiss even when nothing is being played on them etc. This is of course neither really amazing nor interesting. However, there are some very primitive physical models where this kind of noisiness can be tuned with a few parameters.

Finally I decided to use one of these systems to generate my sounds (the so called "kicked rotator"), as the noisiness of this model can be tuned with a single parameter. This leads to a natural scale of noisiness: at one end of the scale one will find the "pure" (sinusodial) sound, whereas at the other end there is white noise. The piece was written based on the sounds of this scale.

The kicked rotator also generated visual images using the phase diagram of this model. The sound and image are generated by manipulating the same parameters. Thanks to this the audio and video performers create every sound and image together.

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