born 1972 in Bochum, Germany. Studied German and Philosophy at the Ruhr-University in Bochum and Applied Cultural Studies at the University of Münster, concentrating on the study of popular culture, music and film. During his studies he started to work as a sounddesigner and musician and to perform in Germany and abroad.

Kai works for different German city- and state-theaters and independant theater companies. He composes, produces and performs the music for various plays and directors (such as "Disco Pigs", "Disney Killer", "Some explicit polaroids", "The Shape of things", "Kriegerfleisch", "Mutter Courage und ihre Kinder", "Bungee Jumping", "Gras" or the German premiere of the theater adaption of Aki KAURISMÄKI’s "La vie de Bohème", as well as for the world premieres of Thomasz MAN’s "C(r)ash Europe" and Caridad Svich’s "The Tropic of X").

Besides theater he produces and releases CDs on his own labels WAF80 Music and Rawcanine Records as well as performing live as keyboarder, bassist and singer for different bands and projects. He has worked on various soundtracks for short films. Kai first worked with Georg HAJDU on Quintet.net "Mind.Trip" in 2000 before he joined the European Bridges Ensemble (EBE) ensemble as a founding member in 2005.
Music on CD: - Catwalk (2006) - Red Room Diner (2003, with Resonator) - Orange Glow (2003, with Nicon)

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